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In my years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped companies achieve their goals. I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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My skills and specialities include foreign and domestic negotiations, Excel, MS Office, MRP, Blogging, and Getting Things Done when they need to be.

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As a boy growing up in Kent, OH and enjoying the small town atmosphere and having a college with so much available to enjoy I wouldn’t have wanted to live anywhere else. This is my home and it will always be that creative space which is why I have made the choice to stay.

The main reason behind my career in purchasing was based on the confidence and faith I put into a man that saw more in me than I saw in myself. I will forever be grateful for his guidance.

During my career I have been able to travel the world and purchase everything from electronics to textiles and maintain a 99% fill rating.

My family and friends are one of the things I am most grateful for when I’m not working. In my spare time an evening at the theatre at Kent State, a movie, dinner at a local restaurant and estate sales fill my time. Painting, photography , classic cars and spending time with my dog, Jack are always a highlight of any day.


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